How to Nurture Resilience in Children?

No matter how hard you try, protecting children from having to face the hard times may not be easy. This means that if you think that your children will not have to face the adversity, you may be wrong. This is why it is important to prepare your children for the tough times in addition to giving them chances to ride on the cars with remote control. Traditionally, it is believed that children only learn by making mistakes; however, if you think it is not the best approach, there are other ways of fostering the good skills in the children. For example, if you provide the children with support and encourage them to take risks and endure the hard times, it can prove to be an asset for them.

Therefore, the following steps can help the children and parents in inculcating the resilience.

If you have a good understanding with the children and they are aware of it, it will give them the necessary push to try new things and find solutions that may be out of the box. Similarly, allowing the children to feel the emotions of disappointment, hurt can make them stronger, but it should be done in a safe net so that when they fall, you will be able to catch them. If you want to change the mind of the child after a failure, do not teach them to repress the feeling. The best way is to address them and tell them to change the thought process.

Problem Solving

While overprotective parents may want to solve the problems for the children every time they get in a difficult situation, however, if you want to help the child, you should encourage them to polish the problem-solving skills. For instance, interesting games can be introduced so that they will refine the ability to think in a seemingly hard situation. Similarly, if you are a good problem solver, children can adopt your habits by practicing them. Challenges at an early age will also push them to think differently.

Emotional Intelligence

Children have the tendency to get carried away. Therefore, there is a need to teach them the skill of emotional intelligence. The main idea is to make them realize how powerful it can be and if they get better at emotional intelligence, it can have a major impact on their relationships. Moreover, some of the experts believe that emotional intelligence will determine the chances of success as well.  This is why you need to impart them with this skill so that they will be able to get the hang of difficult things.

Even though it is considered good to keep the children under supervision if they are below a certain age limit, however, if you do not let the children experience things, they may not develop the skills to survive in the real world. The main idea is to promote them and take them along to different places so that their exposure will be enhanced. This will also provide them with the opportunity to learn new things in terms of broadening the worldview. Moreover, if you can give the children the security to make mistakes and your support for a hard time, it is something that keeps them going and it may facilitate them in doing well. The role of parent is important in making sure that children rise after every fall and that they are given the condition that can guide them in reaching for the impossible.

Diverse View Points
This is a strategy used to make the children open to new and different viewpoints, especially if you think that your children have the tendency to develop a rigid frame of mind. This point makes the children humble rather than becoming ignorant or someone who belittles others. If a strong sense of humility is nurtured in the children, it can assist them in not only learning from others, but the tendency to take the risk and seek new opportunities will get refined.


If there is one thing that you can teach them that can have a big impact on the life of children, it is the freedom from fear. In simple words, children tend to lose sight of the goals and if they do not try new things, they stop learning new things. Similarly, the ability to endure the hard times is also increased. This means that you will have to give them faith in their capabilities so that they will not get obstructed or controlled by the negative emotions. For example, if the peer pressure increases, the children tend to make wrong decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to give them skills to focus on goals rather than the distractions.

If the children are interested in playing games, it can show them the value of sharing and cooperation with others. Similarly, the tendency to stand on one’s feet is another skill that children can foster while playing games. Moreover, a sense of winning and losing as the normal part of life can be internalized in the children. If you think the child is young, you can start introducing them to simple levels of games and build their confidence so that when they grow up, the games in the school will be familiar to them.

If you can instill the habit of doing hard work in the children and help to make it a permanent part of the life, it can save them from various kinds of challenges. This is not to say challenges are bad for children, however, if they are not ready for it, it may not help. Therefore, if you can prepare the children by helping them hone the necessary skills first, it could make a big difference. Furthermore, the communication skills can be improved to make the process of getting along with people easy.

To conclude, the factor of resilience is not only important for adults but if you can help the children develop it; the different phases of life can get less hard for them.


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